If you obtain a Standard National or Standard International Operator’s licence, your company is required to employ a professional CPC Manager to direct and manage your transport fleet and operations. Your company is not required to hire a full time Transport Manager to comply with this legal requirement, If you a smaller or medium sized operation  or operator with a small fleet of vehicles  (1-10 vehicles). You are able to outsource your CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) Outsourcing your O license to a company like Logan Logistics will enable you to run your business and allow us to take care of your fleet and ensure your business complies with legislation.

National & International Operator Licence External CPC Transport Manager

We are able to provide our service based on the colour coded operators below, all Transport Manager CPC holders are subject to Operator Compliance Risk Scores (OCRS) as follows:


Green Operators

Amber Operators

Red Operators


All fees are payable in advance per month. We are able to offer immediate cover based on your circumstances.

Restricted Licence External CPC Transport Management

If you hold a Restricted Operator’s licence, you are not required to employ a CPC License holder to manage your transport or fleet operations. You are still required to adhere to the same sets of rules & regulations as higher end operator licence holders.

We can offer a full service on a consulting basis or as and when you require our services, this service can include tachograph analysis and reporting. We will provide you with an in depth administration system for both vehicles and drivers to ensure you comply with your licence requirements.

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